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Gizmac 4U XRackPro2

Gizmac 4U XRackPro2


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Server Rack Enclosure Cabinet.

XRackPro2 Rackmount Noise Reduction Server Rack Enclosure Cabinet Reduces Noise Up To 80%

XRackPro2 server racks are rackmount enclosure cabinets specifically designed for noise reduction, security and mobility. Rackmount computer servers and RAID storage become whisper quiet in these rolling rack systems.

The XRackPro2 line are ideal server racks and computer rackmount cabinets for Apple (Xserve server and Xserve RAID) Linux, SGI, Sun, Windows (Dell, HP, IBM, etc.) and other PC computer servers.

Noise from equipment rack mounted inside the XRackPro2 server rack rackmount enclosure cabinet will be reduced by as much as 80% from the sound dampening server rack rackmount cabinet design while keeping everything cool at the same time.

With the benefits of noise reduction, security and mobility that the XRack Pro2 server racks provide, rack mount servers, RAID systems and other components can now be used in environments where they could not before.